2 min readJun 21, 2022

Working With Crave Stillness To Champion Mental Health

By: Samuel Shah

At Kleer Brand, we want our work to have a positive impact. Not just your skin, but your overall wellness, too. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with our exciting new partnership with Crave Stillness, a nonprofit organization that promotes mental health, education, and wellness across the country.

Crave Stillness is committed to empowering people to bring stillness and stability to their lives by prioritizing mental health at the local level. They do so with events like Stillness In The Park, a 50 min guided meditation/yoga practice suitable for all. They also offer free resources to individuals in need, sharing stories to drive mental health awareness and facilitating easier access to mental health sources in communities across the country. In doing so, they hope to alter perceptions of mental health and consequently, change lives for the better.

Our partnership with Crave Stillness is committed to inspiring real change at the local, grassroots level, where ideas can be developed, experimented with, refined, and embraced.

Not only will a percentage of each Kleer sale will be donated to Crave Stillness, our employees will also be encouraged to use 5% of their paid time to volunteer in their own communities so they can give back to causes they personally believe in. And in an effort to benefit the mental health of all of our employees, we’re proud to announce the introduction of a four-day work week at Kleer.

Here in our home state of California and in communities around the United States, good is being done. Whether we’re giving to a charity, a grassroots group, or a product clearinghouse, we’re committed to making Kleer a force for good in the world and we’re thrilled to be teaming up with an organization that feels the same.

If you believe in giving back and are interested in helping Kleer and Crave Stillness promote mental health initiatives across the country, you can message us or follow us on any of our social channels for the latest updates and volunteer opportunities.



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